And he was busy working out.  He has a weight lifting bar setup in his loft.  So I just rolled around the loft on his computer chair, chatted in between sets, and checked out his records.

But I gotta say, it was kinda hot watching him….

It’s been a good day off.  Renewed my driver’s license, went to the state fair, and got to see Graham before he went on a run and he ultimately got drenched.

Me some days after work when I get home and have to walk up to my third floor apartment.

I bought two little stuffed mice at IKEA.

Gosig Mus - aka Cuddly Mouse.

I’m going to keep one.  The other one is going in the housewarming box for Graham.

Why?  I don’t know why, but it’s adorable so, yeah.  Also, he’ll probably find it funny.  Probably.

Every day I go to bed thinking: “Tomorrow I will get up with enough time to throw on at least some mascara and liner before work”.

It never happens.  Well, tomorrow’s another day….

So I haven’t been posting much lately because work has been kicking my butt almost every day.

But, there is this guy, probably mid-late 30’s (?), who since last Friday has started coming in for breakfast and gets the same thing - Swedish American breakfast.  He has an accent (some sort of German/Nordic) and the first morning he asked for the Swedish pancakes as well, but after I gave him the breakfast he walked off - I don’t know if he realised that it comes with pancakes.

He didn’t come in this morning and I was a bit sad.  But then he showed up at lunch.

I don’t know why, but I like him.  Not like like him - he’s just quiet and nice and polite.  Seems kinda shy though because when I saw him today when I handed him his food I said, “Oh, I’m used to seeing you at breakfast!  Have a good day”.  And he just smiled and kind of nodded before shuffling off with his plate.

I only ever watch Video Game High School just for Zac Levi and his character’s accent.  Or maybe it’s really just to laugh when I hear him say “sit your punk ass down”.

Here, have some Barney Stinson.

I do that a lot.  Also, the fact that Phineas and Ferb bought Perry a scarf…adorable.

OMG, Lawrence Fletcher.

Graham has been telling me about how he doesn’t wear shoes at work.  

I hate shoes.  Ideal job is one where I don’t have to wear shoes.  

Graham also tells me they are hiring.  

Graham is cunning and knows I miss Columbus.